The Greater Texoma Health Clinic Services

  • Primary care services
       *  EKG
       *  Pulmonary function test
  • Primary care Pediatric services including Texas Health Steps, and evaluation and treatment of ADHD

  • Women’s Health services
       *  Pap smears
       *  Coloposcopy
  • Limited Gastroenterology services
  • Dermatology Services

  • Our providers perform a thorough exam, prescribing of medically necessary medications, medication management, lab work, referral for diagnostic testing and referrals to appropriate specialist, dental and optometry providers.

  • We also offer a Prescription patient assistance program.  These assistance programs are offered by pharmaceutical companies for patients who cannot otherwise afford the cost of medically necessary medications.  Each patient that applies must meet the eligibility requirements to be approved for assistance.  Some of the requirements that must be met are income, no prescription insurance benefits and U.S. resident or citizen.  Income is based on the federal poverty level for the current year of application.  We do not prescribe any controlled substance medication and there is a $20 non refundable annual fee to process the paperwork for patient assistance.

Same day appointments may be available for children.  Please click here for a list of reasons that may qualify for a same day appointment.